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Portcullis House running costs (2015)


Please will you provide the annual running costs of "Portcullis House".

Please also  provide:

A figure for the net internal area the gross internal area The design occupancy ie of the number of people that were designed to occupy the building An estimate of the actual occupancy

You do not need to break down the running costs so as to reveal details of spending on security. However if your answer does not include the cost of guarding please would you indicate this in your answer.




The direct costs for Portcullis House, together with an apportionment of estate wide shared costs based on floor space for the financial year 2013/14, are:

  • Rates: £2,143,946
  • Utilities: £468,644
  • Maintenance: £617,435
  • Cleaning: £208,972

This does not include costs for guarding.

The net internal area of Portcullis House is 14,937 m2. The gross internal area is 18,112 m2 including the retail units on the ground floor.

The building has been designed to contain offices for 212 Members of Parliament, together with approximately 640 of their staff. Portcullis House was designed to provide not only offices for Members of Parliament, but to complement and support existing facilities available in the House of Commons for all Members. A desk count that was done in 2013 indicated that there was an estimated occupancy of 830.

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