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Structure of Elizabeth Tower (2017)


I would like a copy of your data on the Elizabeth Tower's lean. I believe you have been keeping records since 1999.

If possible, I would like access to all measurements that have ever been taken. If not, I would like to see measurements at six-month intervals.

Please lay out the information in a table with one column as the date, another as the degree of leaning, a third as the direction of leaning, and a fourth as the consequent amount out of alignment the highest point of the tower is on that date. All data should be from the highest point of the tower, or if that is not possible, from the highest point available.




You have asked for information relating to the Elizabeth Tower, specifically requiring this in a particular format.

Please note that the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) entitles a requester to recorded information held by a public authority. Whilst we endeavour to be as helpful as possible, a table in the format requested is not held and neither does the information to populate it.

However, the following information represents all recorded measurements held which relate to the tilt of the Elizabeth Tower:

1972: Tilt was recorded to be 1 in 264 = 0.22 degrees
1975 to 1995: Increase in tilt = 10mm
1995 to 2003: Increase in tilt = 40mm
2003: Increase in tilt = 3mm
2003 to 2011: Increase in tilt = 4mm
2011 to date: No measurements taken

No other information is held.