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Refreshment sales (2015)


  • Since May 11th 2015, how many teas and coffees have been bought on the parliamentary estate to date, what is the cost of the item?
  • Additionally, could the result be broken down to show the total by location to which a MP only has access, like the Members tea room etc



There are no catering venues in the House of Commons which are only accessible by Members.

Further details of venues and access regulations. (pdf 458KB)

In the period 11 May 2015 to 10 June 2015, 63,677 teas and coffees have been sold through House of Commons venues.

The requested breakdown

Customers include Members, Members’ staff, House staff, contractors and visitors to the parliamentary estate. Please note that only the average selling price is shown because, in some cases, prices vary depending on the style of venue and the drinks may be part of an offer which affects the selling price at the point of purchase.