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Food wastage (2019)


The total weight of food disposed of by the House of Commons and its contractors. I would like this information for the three most recent calendar years, broken down by year i.e. 2016, 2017, and 2018.



Please note that the House of Commons and House of Lords are two separate public authorities for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. However, this information is collected across the parliamentary estate and is not disaggregated between the Houses. This response therefore covers both Houses of Parliament.

Some of this information is held by the House of Commons.  Please note that the House records food waste disposal in two different ways:

  • Kitchen waste occurring during food preparation (e.g. inedible vegetable trimmings)
  • Plate waste occurring after food has been purchased (e.g. uneaten food left on plates)

Kitchen food waste is disposed of together with non-food waste accrued in the course of the day, so this information cannot be provided because we cannot disaggregate the two types.

Plate waste is disposed of separately and the weight of this waste, recorded for the last 3 years, is as follows:

2016:                   195,082 kg
2017:                   253,056 kg
2018:                   229,372 kg

It may also help you to know that the recorded waste increase in 2017 was due to various food waste disposal units used to dispose of waste into the sewer were taken out of service in line with environmental best practice. These figures therefore relate to an increase in catering food waste recycling in 2017, and then a fall in total catering food waste once all food waste was being effectively measured in 2018.