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Drink sales (2018)


How much £ was spent on alcohol in the House of Commons bars during the following sets of dates.

How much £ was spent in The Smoking Room during the following sets of dates.

How much £ was spent in The Pugin Room during the following sets of dates.

9 February - 19 February 2018

30 March - 15 April 2018

4 May - 7 May 2018

25 May - 3 June 2018

25 July - 3 September 2018

14 September - 8 October




Please note that the House of Commons has two bars; the Strangers’ Bar and the Members’ Smoking Room (a historical name only, no smoking is permitted there). 

The information you have requested is held by the House of Commons. The House of Commons keeps records of amounts spent by customers on alcohol, and other items, in various venues across the parliamentary estate.

Please also note that the customers who use the on-site catering venues include some of the 650 elected Members of Parliament. However, they also include around 14,500 other pass-holders (MPs’ staff, House staff, civil servants, contractors, Peers, members of the Press Gallery, etc.) as well as a large number of non-pass holding visitors to Parliament. In addition to this, the Pugin Room is used for public dining whilst the House is not sitting and can be hired for private events. The dates listed may include sales from these activities.