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Drink sales (2017)


Please provide by a monthly breakdown for 2017 from January 1st, the totals spent in Members only bars on beverages of all types (hot, cold, alcoholic etc)

Additionally to the above could you also list the totals in the same way for any other bars across the estate and the top 10 items sold.




This information is held by the House of Commons.  The only Members-only bar is the Members’ Smoking Room (a historical name only, no smoking is permitted in this venue). 

You have also asked for the same breakdown of beverage sales for any other bars across the estate, as well as the top 10 items sold.  This information is also held by the House of Commons, and the requested details for the remaining bars (the Pugin Room, the Strangers’ Bar and the Press Café Bar) are also provided in the spreadsheet linked above.

Please also note that the customers who use these other bars include around 15,500 pass-holders (MPs’ staff, House staff, civil servants, contractors, Peers, members of the Press Gallery, etc., as well as MPs). Our main customer base also includes over a million non-pass holding visitors to Parliament. Food and drink prices are regularly reviewed and set at levels benchmarked against similar outlets outside of Parliament.