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Drink Sales (2016)


Could I ask for the detail by item of what drinks were bought/purchased from bars/cafe outlets on the parliamentary estate over the months of October, November and December of 2015?


Please note that our response only deals with drinks from venues for which the House of Commons is responsible. Some venues on the parliamentary estate are the responsibility of the House of Lords, which is a separate public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act. You may wish to consider forwarding your request to the House of Lords.

The information you request is held by the House of Commons.

List showing details of drinks purchased from House of Commons bars and cafes between 25 September 2015 and 24 December 2015 (the financial period dates held, rather than calendar months) for each month, broken down by item.

It may interest you to know that House of Commons has more than halved total catering costs since the beginning of the last Parliament. Catering services including beverages are provided for customers including 13,000 passholders, as well as members of the public and visitors. Food and drink prices are regularly reviewed and set at levels benchmarked against similar outlets outside of Parliament.