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Closure of facilities (2020)


Which of the facilities have been closed in the houses of parliament due to the corona virus lockdown measures i.e. bars, restaurants, gym & tea rooms?



Some information to respond to your request is held by the House of Commons.

The Parliamentary Gym is managed by the Jubilee Hall Trust and not by the House of Commons. However, it may interest you to see their website, the gym closed on 20 March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and is yet to re-open.

Information relating to House of Commons' managed catering venues is held by the House. The closed venues are as follows:

• Richmond House Cafeteria;
• 7 Millbank;
• Tothill Street;
• Moncrief's Café bar;
• Strangers' bar;
• Members' dining room;
• Strangers' dining room;
• Pugin Room;
• Smoking room;
• Adjournment Restaurant; and
• Bellamy's Restaurant.

It may interest you to know that the venues currently open during sitting times are Members' Tea Room, Terrace Cafeteria, Debate Restaurant and Despatch Box Coffee bar whilst during non-sitting times the Debate and Despatch Box are the only venues that remain open.  As a workplace, it is important for key workers and Members of Parliament to have access to adequate catering facilities whilst they continue to perform critical roles – allowing Parliament to continue to fulfil its constitutional duties during an unprecedented time.