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Catering sales (2020)


The top 100 items purchased in each outlet on the Parliamentary estate for the period from the 21st April 2020 to today (virtual parliament period)

Further to the above for clarity this is all retail outlets including food, drink etc




Please note that our response only deals with catering venues on the parliamentary estate for which the House of Commons is responsible. Some venues are the responsibility of the House of Lords, which is a separate public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act. You may wish to consider forwarding your request to them. Requests for information relating to the House of Lords should be directed to

This information is held by the House of Commons.

Information as held by the House.

Please note the following about this information. First, we have included the top 100 items for venues where 100 lines were sold, otherwise all sales were used. Second, when the gift shops closed on the estate, they were still storing some excess perishable souvenirs. To ensure these were not wasted, catering agreed to offer these perishables for sale, and these are included in the dataset. This also mean that there were souvenir sales of alcohol in this period, which are marked as such in the dataset.

It may also interest you to know that, Parliament's catering outlets continue to operate in complete compliance with Government recommendations. It is important for our key workers and Members of Parliament to have access to adequate cafeteria facilities whilst they continue to perform critical roles which allow Parliament to fulfil its constitutional duties during an unprecedented time. As a workplace, the House has already taken several steps that encourage social distancing measures, reduce touch points and ensure responsible hygiene practice in our catering outlets. These include:

• Closing all other venues
• Temporarily suspending the use of personal cups and mugs in barista served coffee areas
• Switching to card payments only
• Supplying additional hand sanitiser for staff and customers
• Removal of self-service breakfast, hot food and salads
• Increasing social distancing by partial removal of furniture across outlets
• Encouraging use of take-away options where appropriate