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Catering Sales - Breakfast (2015)


Of the breakfast menu served on the estate of parliament what were the top items bought between over the first month of the new parliament.

Additionally to the above could this be broken down between areas where Members only have access and those areas others (strangers) have access?




Please note the following information about the data:

Our answer only covers catering venues of the House of Commons.  The House of Lords are a separate public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act.  You may wish to consider forwarding your request to them. Requests for information relating to the House of Lords should be directed to

We have interpreted your request to be from the date that the current Parliament began on 18 May 2015 until the date of your request, 17 June 2015.  

You asked for the ‘top’ breakfast items which we have interpreted to mean the top 10 in terms of sales.  If you require different data, please let us know.

There are no venues which are only accessible to Members.  Further information about access is published on our parliamentary web pages.