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Alcohol spending (2013)


Can you please provide details of how much is spent annually on alcohol in the House of Commons Bars.

A year by year breakdown would be ideal.



We understand your request to be for how much is spent annually by customers visiting the House of Commons bars.

The House of Commons has two bars: Strangers Bar and Members’ Smoking Room (the name is historic – no smoking is permitted.)
Drinks are also served in both the Pugin Room and Moncrieff’s Café-bar but that is not their primary use.

Please note the following:

  • Information prior to the financial year 2010/11 is not held.
  • Data is not available for December 2010/11 & May 2011/12.  Due to a technical error the data was not saved for these periods.
  • Bellamy’s bar closed in 2010/11.