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Terms for images featured on Art in Parliament

You may access, download and/or print contents for non-commercial research and private study purposes. If you wish to use this material in any other way, you must seek separate permission from

Third party rights exist in many of the images featured on Art in Parliament so it is therefore important to seek advice on the copyright of each image you wish to use.

All other acts are prohibited, including but not limited to the following:

  • reproduction of any kind in any medium
  • distribution of hard or electronic copies
  • storage in any medium including extraction into any other database, computer programme or website
  • public performance, broadcast, display or communication
  • rental, leasing or lending
  • extraction, manipulation, adaptation, translation or alteration of any kind.

During the course of making these works available on-line, Parliament undertook a substantial amount of copyright research.  We worked very closely with independent consultants, who have been providing best practice copyright advice for the cultural heritage sector for the past few years.  The research included consulting original documentation associated with each work, our comprehensive collections database, as well as many other resources.  The aim was to try to find a likely copyright contact for all relevant works, with whom to clear copyright.  In many cases this was possible, and we heartily thank those creators, galleries, estates, agents and other parties who have so kindly allowed the reproduction of their works on-line.

In quite a few cases, despite considerable effort, we were unable to trace or obtain a response from copyright holders or likely leads.  We considered each relevant work on a case-by-case basis, and took the careful decision to proceed with showing them on-line in most instances.  We felt that, as a public body, we had a responsibility to try to make available to as wide an audience as possible the works in the collection.  We strive always to strike a sensible balance between the rights of copyright holders and access to the collection.  We apologise if we have inadvertently acted against any copyright holder’s wishes.

If you are a copyright holder and would like to get in touch, or to license images for reproduction, please contact