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About this site

Changes to Parliament's public website

These are the first steps in a continuing project that will deliver rolling improvements over the next few years.

What we have done

Initial changes include:

  • Look - a more professional, modern design applied to the homepage and some top-level pages.
  • Content - a simplified navigational structure making it easier for users to find what they're looking for.
  • Technology - laying the groundwork to simplify the way data is added to the website and used by the public.


These changes aim to meet the evolving expectations of Parliament's online users. The project supports a key objective for Parliament:

' promote public understanding of the work and role of Parliament through the provision of information and access'.

The improvements were made according to user needs and involved significant testing both with members and their staff and the general public: we conducted 50 one-on-one interviews in addition to a wider survey of 800 website visitors.

Future plans for the website

We have a planned programme to develop services further; this includes:

  • Using a wider range of technology to enable you to do more on the site, and do it more easily
  • Greater facilities to search for information; better quality of search results based on cross referencing and linking subjects
  • Continually refining services and design based on information received from users