The ICGS Six Month Review

Alison Stanley's report on the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS), following the first six months of the scheme's operation, has now been published.  The report considers how the scheme worked in its first six months and has identified key areas where the scheme needs to evolve to make sure that it meets the needs of all users.

The Six Month Review was recommended by the working group that developed the ICGS, as a way of ensuring that the scheme develops based on feedback, best practice and the needs of the Parliamentary community.  Alison Stanley was appointed to deliver the Six Month Review on 28 January 2019.

The key recommendations of the report relate to:

  • ensuring continued focus, drive and coherence of the Scheme, by identifying the key accountabilities of senior leaders across the Parliamentary community;
  • creating a fully resourced bicameral ICGS team, with requisite skills and experience to ensure effective implementation and streamlined operation;
  • a new dedicated approach to communication of the ICGS accessible to all and focused on each user group within the Parliamentary community clearly setting out the end-to-end processes;
  • proactively using the Behaviour Code to improve ways of working in teams, for example as part of the wider cultural work being led by Julie Harding, the new independent Director of cultural transformation in the House of Commons;
  • building on the solid start on the training programme, ensuring the equal importance of training for all members of the Parliamentary community is addressed.

In the coming weeks, the Commons Executive Board (CEB) will give the report and its recommendations their full consideration.  The Board expects to bring proposals for next steps to the House of Commons Commission at their meeting on 24 June.