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The Commissioner does not post any information while an inquiry is in progress.

  • The Commissioner publishes her decisions, along with the evidence she has considered, on her web-pages. The Commissioner publishes her decisions under two headings: Allegations not upheld and Allegations the Commissioner has rectified.
  • If the Commissioner refers a complaint to the Committee on Standards for consideration, the Committee publishes its own report on their webpages. This report will contain the Commissioner's Memorandum to the Committee. Since December 2012 the Committee's reports have been published on the publications page of the Committee on Standards. Before then the reports were published on the publications page of the Committee on Standards and Privileges. The evidence considered by the Commissioner is also posted, as a separate document, on the Committee's webpages.

In addition to reporting on the inquiries she has completed, the Commissioner also publishes an Annual Report which gives an overview of her work in the previous year. The Commissioner posts statistical information about the allegations she has received on a monthly basis.