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  • Mr John Austin MP (complaint from Mr David Leaf)
  • Mr Ian Cawsey MP (complaint from Mr Andrew Percy)
  • Mr David Chaytor MP (complaint from Dr Peter Jackson)
  • Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP (complaint from Mr Michael Barnbrook)
  • Ms Julia Goldsworthy MP (complaint from Mr Stuart Odgers)
  • Mr Shahid Malik MP (complaint from Mr Harry Cole)
  • Mr Dan Norris MP (complaints from Mr Tim House)
  • Rt Hon John Prescott MP (complaint from Mr James Sergeant)
  • Rt Hon Alex Salmond MP (complaint from Dr Gordon Macdonald)
  • Rt Hon Alex Salmond MP (complaint from Lord Foulkes of Cumnock MSP)
  • Mr Andy Slaughter MP (complaint from Mr Greg Hands)
  • Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP (complaint from Mr John Baker)
  • Mr Shailesh Vara MP (complaint from Mrs K Carter)
  • Mr Mark Williams MP (complaint from Mr Robert Phillips)
  • Mr Phil Willis MP (complaint from Mr Michael Harrison)