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Allegations currently under investigation by the Commissioner

The Commissioner looks at evidence that individual MPs may have broken the Rules of Conduct. He will find out the facts and make a decision. The fact that an inquiry is taking place does not mean that the rules have been broken. Once an inquiry has finished the Commissioner decides whether or not an MP has broken the rules. Once he has decided, the Commissioner’s decision and evidence received during the course of the inquiry will be published on one of the following webpages;

  • Allegations the Commissioner has not upheld,
  • Allegations the Commissioner has rectified,
  • Allegations reported to the Standards Committee.

Outside of the information published on these webpages, the Commissioner and his office will not comment on the details of an inquiry. The below table shows the inquiries the Commissioner is conducting, with the oldest case at the top of the table.

Name of MP Relevant paragraph of the Code of Conduct Matter under investigation
Rt Hon. Colonel Bob Stewart MP
(opened 28 June 2023 and paragraph 12 added 29 February 2024)

Paragraph 13

2012 and 2015 Code

Paragraph 12

2023 Code

Registration of interests under Category 1 of the Guide to the Rules [Employment and earnings] Declaration of an interest
Co-operation with the Commissioner's inquiry
Mr Andrew Bridgen MP
(opened 28 February 2024)

Paragraph 14

2019 Code


Paragraph 5

2023 Code

Registration of interests
Rt Hon. Sir Conor Burns MP
(opened 8 May 2024)

Paragraph 7

2023 Code

Use of information received in confidence



The new revised Code of Conduct and The Guide to the Rules relating to the Conduct of Members, came into effect on 1 March 2023 (previous versions of the Code available here). 


Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS)

Full details regarding the scheme is available here.

The Commissioner has oversight of investigations conducted under the ICGS. He is the decision-maker for investigations into allegations of harassment, bullying or sexual misconduct by MPs from current or former members of the parliamentary community.

The Commissioner does not publish information about current individual ICGS complaints.