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The People

People working in Parliament are at the very heart of the Nation's governance and political focus. Why else work for the House of Lords?

In our most recent staff survey: 

  • 88% of respondents said they feel trusted to do their job well
  • 75% of respondents said they were proud to work for the House of Lords Administration.
  • 70% of respondents said that they feel valued and recognised for the work they do  

This is what some of our people say:

Alicia Ford, Clerk, Lords Public Bill Office

I don't think I could feel any more part of Parliament: drafting and passing Bills is what a legislature does. I know what I do has an immediate effect on Members, business in the Chamber and, on occasion, the operation of the unwritten constitution. Although this sounds daunting, I find it incredibly motivating and a great privilege. Nothing quite tops the feeling of being asked a difficult question and working with a Member, who may be a world expert, to find a solution.  

Philippa Tudor, Clerk of Committees

Working here makes one feel part of the fabric, which is pretty amazing. Having worked for the House of Lords for over 35 years, it has been inspiring to play a part in a range of developments, from the first ever Parliament website to working to modernise our staff recruitment practices to expanding our Committee system. House of Lords Committees perform vital scrutiny work on behalf of the whole country, and it is a great privilege to lead the wonderful staff team which supports this.  

Joanna Badrock, Corporate Records Manager, Information and Records Management Service

It is amazing to think that the work I am doing now in managing current business information will mean that we have archives for the future. My work is especially exciting as I see the full picture and impact of the work that I do every day. I have also interacted with hundreds of colleagues during my time here and I have never before been so fortunate as to work with so many capable, interesting and friendly people.  

Elizabeth Ralph, Book Conservator, Collection Care team, Parliamentary Archives

My job is to repair parliamentary records dating back to the 15th century. I really enjoy working with my colleagues, who all bring their specialist knowledge to the table to ensure the longevity of the collection. I get fully immersed in the work that I carry out, and daily, feel a great part of Parliament, although not necessarily the present day. Parliament! Currently I'm part of King James I's Parliament, as I am working on a series of Commons journals from his reign.  

Dervish Mertcan, Press and Media Officer

Every day is a school day here and I love that. I have learnt something new each and every day I've worked here. I feel part of Parliament because I help the Great British public find out about the work their Parliament is doing on their behalf. When I am able to get good media coverage, it makes me happy to think that in a sea of negativity, someone somewhere is seeing or hearing something positive about Parliament.  

David Barreto, Kitchen Porter

I have the privilege of working in a really close team. I love coming to work in the morning and being greeted with a smile. We communicate freely and easily. Everyone is well mannered, respectful and trusting. I finish each and every work day happy and with a smile on my face. I know my role is important and this makes me feel very much a part of Parliament.

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