Parliamentary rifle range [FOI 988]


Questions relating to the history, function, use and maintenance of the Parliamentary rifle range.


The House of Lords Administration holds limited recorded information relating to the Palace of Westminster Rifle Club. The House of Lords Administration is not involved in the management of the Palace of Westminster Rifle Club which is run by a committee elected by the Club's members. The Administration's involvement with the Club arises from the fact that the Club's rifle range is located on the Parliamentary Estate and, consequently, the Administration's need to verify that Home Office approvals and relevant certificates are in place. Such matters are dealt with by visits to the range in conjunction with the police.

The answer to each question is provided below:

    1.    How and why it came to be installed?  
    2.    Who were its intended customers?     
    Members of either House, permanent members of staff working within the Palace.  
    3.    Who uses it?  
    Members of the Club.  
    4.    What they use it for?  
    Rifle shooting. 
    5.    What firearms are used in it?  
    Only small bore .22 target rifles.  
    6.    Who owns the firearms?  
    The Club.  
    7.   Who pays for the firearms?  
    The Club. We have been advised that one firearm was donated to the Club.  
    8.  Where the firearms are kept (e.g. on site, in owners accommodation)?  
    The Administration has verified that the Club's firearms are held in locked cabinets on the Estate under arrangements overseen by the Club Secretary, checked by the police and in compliance with requirements set out by the Home Office.  
    9. What is the layout and facilities of the range?  
    These are matters for the Club and, as such, the House Administration does not hold recorded information detailing either the layout or the facilities of the range. However, the Administration has been advised that the range is of standard design and meets all the relevant regulations.  
    10. What is the average usage of the range?   
    These are matters for the Club and the House Administration does not hold this information.     
    11. Are there any future plans for the range?  
    The Administration has no immediate requirement for the sub-ground area occupied by the range.  The space has frequently been assessed for its suitability for use for other purposes such as a nursery and swimming pool and has been found to be unsuitable.