Consultants employed by the House of Lords [FOI 1007]


Details of consultants working for the House of Lords (March 2013), broken down to give the level of pay, length of contract, and a brief description of role.



The following information relates to consultants engaged directly by the House of Lords Administration.


Type of consultancy

Duration of contract


Parliamentary Archives  accommodation call-off consultancy

Maximum of 15 days between 28 February 2013 – 31 October 2013.

£400 a day

Parliamentary Archives  geo-spatial consultancy

7 February – 31 March 2013.

Maximum budget of £5000

Information Office consultancy evaluating the impact of communications.

November 2012 – 31 March 2013.

Maximum budget of £16,000

Information Office consultancy to produce a report outlining recommended improvements for House of Lords online news

February  – 28 March 2013.

Maximum budget of £1500

Parliamentary information assurance accreditation services call-off contract.

Two year contract beginning December 2012.

£850 a day for the delivery of specific tasks.

Provision of specialist ICT audit services call-off contract.

5 years to date.

£830 day rate + VAT.

Review of the functions and staffing of the Human Resources Office.

March – July 2013.

Maximum budget of £20,000

Some bicameral services are based in the House of Commons and the Lords pays a share of the total annual cost of these services or departments, likewise the Parliamentary Archives is a bicameral service based in the House of Lords. Consultants employed in these areas may provide services to both Houses, a share of the consultancy fees will therefore in effect be paid by the other House as part of the total costs of the service/department. In addition the Parliamentary Information Communications Technology Directorate (PICT) is a legally joint department of both Houses and funded by each but which has control over its own resources.