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UK-EU Parliamentary Partnership Assembly

The Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (PPA) is composed of a Delegation of UK Members of Parliament meeting together with a Delegation of Members of the European Parliament. It was established under the terms of the 2021 Trade and Co-operation Agreement and acts as a forum for parliamentarians to exchange views on the implementation and operation of the Agreement. The Agreement established a Partnership Council as a joint UK-EU body which will inform the PPA of its decisions and recommendations. The PPA may make recommendations to the Partnership Council.

The Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald KC MP was appointed Leader of the Delegation and Co-Chair of the Assembly and The Earl of Kinnoull and Hilary Benn MP were appointed Vice Chairs of the Delegation. 

The Parliamentary Partnership Assembly is expected to meet twice a year, once in London and once in either Brussels or Strasbourg, issuing a report following each meeting.