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Role of the UK Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

The UK has 18 seats in the Assembly, which are filled by a cross-party delegation from both Houses of Parliament appointed by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The distribution of places to political parties reflects the composition of the House of Commons.

The UK delegation represents the UK Parliament, not the Government, and plays an active role in the activities of the Assembly, through membership of its Committees and groups and participation in plenary meetings.

The delegation attends the two plenary sessions of the Assembly each year, which take place in the autumn (the Annual Session) and the spring. At the plenary sessions, the Assembly's Committees debate and agree reports on various subjects and meet government officials and policy experts to inform their work.

The plenary meetings allow Members to debate topical security issues, hear from and ask questions of national and international leaders, including the Secretary-General of NATO, and agree policy recommendations. The policy recommendations are distributed to governments of member states and receive a written response from NATO's Secretary-General.

In between the Assembly's plenary sessions, the Committees meet to discuss their reports and be briefed by officials and experts in their areas of competence.