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Membership of the Previous Delegation

The delegation appointed after the 2005 General Election was replaced in November 2010.  The membership of the previous delegation was as follows, reflecting the party composition of the House of Commons after the 2005 General Election:


Rt Hon Bruce GeorgeLab
Mr Hugh Bayley MPLab
Mr Peter Bottomley MPCon
Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell MPLD
Mr Michael ClaphamCon
Mr Derek Conway Lab
Mr Frank Cook Lab
Mary Creagh MPLab
Mr David Crausby MPLab
Mr Jim Hood MPLab
Lord JoplingCon
Rt Hon Mr Denis MacShane MPLab
Rt Hon Michael MatesCon
Rt Hon Mr Michael Moore MPLib Dem
Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLab
Lord SewelLab
Rt Hon Sir John Stanley MPCon
Sir Peter ViggersCon


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