UK Delegation to the European Security and Defence Assembly in the 2005-10 Parliament

Full members Party European Group
Lord Prescott Lab SOC
Mr John Austin Lab SOC
Lord Chidgey LD ALDE
Mr Christopher Chope MP Con EDG
Mr Bill Etherington Lab SOC
Mr Paul Flynn MP Lab SOC
Mr Michael Hancock MP LD ALDE
Mr John Greenway Con EDG
Baroness Knight of Collingtree Con EDG
Chris McCafferty Lab SOC
Mr Humfrey Malins Con EDG
Sir Alan Meale MP Lab SOC
Mr Edward O'Hara Lab SOC
Lord Tomlinson Lab SOC
Mr Robert Walter MP Con EDG
Mr David Wilshire Con EDG


Alternate members Party European Group
Rt Hon Lord Anderson of Swansea Lab SOC
Lord Boswell Con EDG
Mr James Clappison MP Con EDG
Rt Hon Ann Clwyd MP Lab SOC
Mrs Claire Curtis-Thomas Lab SOC
Mr Nigel Dodds MP DUP EDG
Earl of Dundee


Mr Nigel Evans MP Con EDG
Baroness Gale Lab SOC
Mr Oliver Heald MP Con EDG
Mr Doug Henderson Lab SOC
Mr Jim Hood MP Lab SOC
Mr Bob Laxton Lab SOC
Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane Lab SOC
Mr Khalid Mahmood MP Lab SOC
Mr Mark Oaten LD ALDE
Mr Paul Rowen LD ALDE
Mrs Betty Williams Lab SOC
There are currently four political groups to which members of the Assembly may be affiliated: the Federated Group of Christian Democrats and European Democrats (EDG); the Socialist Group (SOC); the Liberal Group; and the EEP/CD Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).