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Membership of the UK Delegation

39 European countries, including all EU and European NATO member states, were represented by parliamentary delegations to the European Security and Defence Assembly

The UK Delegation, which included members of both Houses, was appointed by the Prime Minister on 10 November 2010.  The party distribution reflected the composition of the House of Commons.

Membership of the UK Delegation from 10 November 2010 until the closure of the Assembly on 30 June 2011 was as follows:

Full membersPartyEuropean political
Mr Robert Walter MP (Leader)ConEDG
Mr Brian Binley MPConEDG
Mr Christopher Chope MPConEDG
Mr James Clappison MPConEDG
Ann Coffey MPLabSOC
Earl of DundeeConEDG
Baroness Eccles ConEDG
Paul Flynn MPLabSOC
Mr Sam Gyimah MPConEDG
Mr Mike Hancock MPLibALDE
Mr Jim Hood MPLabSOC
Sir Alan Meale MPLabSOC
Baroness Emma NicholsonLib


Sandra Osborne MPLabSOC
Claire Perry MPConEDG
Lord PrescottLabSOC
Jim Sheridan MPLabSOC
Lord TomlinsonLabSOC
European Political Groups:
EDG - the Federated Group of Christian Democrats and European Democrats;
SOC - the Socialist Group;
ALDE - the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

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