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European Security and Defence Assembly

The European Security and Defence Assembly, located in Paris, examined and supported intergovernmental activities at European level in all areas of European security and defence, including co-operation on defence equipment.

The Assembly's main focus was to scrutinise the EU's European Security and Defence Policy and to monitor the implications of the collective defence agreement under Article V of the 1948 Brussels Treaty (as modified in 1948) and co-operation with NATO under Article IV of the Treaty. The Assembly enabled national parliamentarians from all EU and European NATO member states to establish a structured dialogue with the EU executive, and provided them with the opportunity to cross-examine Ministers from those countries.

Parliamentarians in the Assembly examined annual reports submitted by member governments on their security and defence activities and made recommendations, to which governments were bound to reply. The aim was to ensure that co-operation between governments at European level was mirrored by co-operation between national parliaments meeting at the same level.

The UK delegation participated fully in the activities of the Assembly, contributed to debates in Plenary and served on each of the Assembly's committees.