PACE Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development Committee

Terms of Reference:

Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

1. The Committee shall consider issues relating to social rights and policies, public health, sustainable development, economic co-operation and development, local and regional democracy and good governance in these fields, having special regard to the situation of the more vulnerable groups in society.

2. The Committee shall in particular consider:

2.1. the implementation and possible development within the member states and at European level of the rights guaranteed by the (revised) European Social Charter (ETS No. 163) and the contribution of social cohesion to democratic security;

2.2. the promotion of sustainable development including protection of biodiversity, forward-looking management of the environment and natural resources, climate change, co-operation for development, “ greening” the economy, as well as relevant sectoral policies (in particular energy, transport, tourism, trade);

2.3. access to adequate and affordable health services and effective management of public health risks and opportunities (in particular food security, natural and technological disasters, counterfeits, drugs, epidemics, pollution, biomedicine);

2.4. policies aimed at improving social cohesion (in particular employment, social dialogue, social security, pensions), supporting groups which are in need of special protection (in particular children, the elderly, families), and fostering solidarity between generations, taking into account demographic, economic and social trends;

2.5. good governance and democratic practices at local and regional level.

3. The committee shall follow the activities and maintain working relations with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe and with European and international organisations, agencies and associations of local and regional authorities.

4. The committee shall report regularly on the activities of the Council of Europe Development Bank.

5. The committee shall share the Assembly representation in the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity (North-South Centre).

6. The committee shall represent the Assembly in, and follow the work of, the relevant expert committees of the Council of Europe.

7. The committee shall, on behalf of the Assembly, select the candidates for, and the winners of, the Europe Prize and related awards for local authorities.


UK members of the Committee:

Full members Alternate members
Geraint Davies MP Kerry McCarthy MP
Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP Baroness Eaton DBE
John Prescott Baroness Massey
Mike Wood MP Kelly Tolhurst MP



European Social Charter

Full member Alternate member
Kerry McCarthy MP         Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP


Full member Alternate member
Baroness Massey (Chair) Mike Wood MP
Baroness Eaton

Public Health and Sustainable Development

Full member Alternate member
Lord Prescott      Kelly Tolhurst MP 

The Europe Prize 

Full member Alternate member
Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP Baroness Eaton DBE                 
Baroness Massey Geraint Davies MP
Lord Prescott


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