Committee on the Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs

UK members of the Committee:

Mr Christopher Chope MP
Mr Oliver Heald MP

Terms of reference:

  1. The committee shall ensure that the Assembly's Rules of Procedure are applied properly and that they - as well as the ancillary texts to the rules - remain consonant with the Assembly's practice.  It shall consider proposed amendments to the rules.
  2. The committee shall, in particular: advise the Bureau of the Assembly (following its request) on all matters of procedure or report to the Assembly or the Standing Committee on questions of interpretation or modification of the Rules of Procedure; report to the Assembly on any contested credentials of representatives and substitutes, and give its opinion on any challenge of still unratified credentials and any requests for annulment of previous ratifications of credentials on substantive grounds; report to the Bureau on any contested credentials of members of special guest delegations, after a joint meeting with the Political Affairs Committee; consider questions relating to the privileges and immunities of members of the Assembly, including those connected to the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe of 2 September 1949 and its protocol of 6 November 1952; consider requests for waiver of immunity referred to it; consider questions concerning the right of representatives and substitutes to participate in meetings and the reimbursement of travel costs by national parliaments or governments; keep under review the Assembly's committee structure and the functioning of the Assembly's system of committees, and report on proposals for the setting up of new committees.
  3. The committee shall, upon instruction from the Bureau of the Assembly, update the terms of reference of Assembly committees.
  4. The committee shall consider questions of an institutional character referred to it by the Assembly or its Bureau.
  5. The committee shall follow the evolution at European and international level of legal instruments concerning privileges and immunities of parliamentarians.

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