Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy

UK members of the Committee:

Full members Alternate members
Mr Brian Binley MP Mr David T C Davies MP
Mr James Clappison MP Lord Dundee
Mr Mike Hancock MP Mr Jeffrey Donaldson MP
Lord Tomlinson Lord Anderson
Mr Robert Walter MP (ex-officio)

Terms of refererence:

  1. The committee shall consider the general policy of the Council of Europe, that is, all political matters which fall within the competence of the Council of Europe. It shall, if necessary, report on urgent political situations and crises in Council of Europe member states.
  2. The committee shall in particular consider:  requests for membership of the Council of Europe; requests for granting observer status with the Council of Europe and with the Parliamentary Assembly; requests for special guest status with the Parliamentary Assembly; questions relating to the functioning and development of democratic institutions in Europe; major political challenges to modern society; the prevention and settlement of crises and conflicts in, between, or having an impact on, Council of Europe member and observer states.
  3. The committee shall consider activities and co-operation of the Council of Europe with other European and international organisations, in particular the European Union, the OSCE and the United Nations.
  4. In the light of the fundamental values of the Council of Europe, the committee shall consider the situation in states which are not members of the Council of Europe, make proposals, and, subject to approval by the Bureau, take political action to promote these values.
  5. The committee may propose to the Bureau the conclusion of co-operation agreements with parliaments of non-member states.
  6. The committee shall share the Assembly representation in the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) and in the Council for Democratic Elections of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission).

The committee may have up to 84 members.

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