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Previous Delegation 2013-14

The delegation was appointed by the Prime Minister on 15 January 2013 and includes Members from both Houses. The party distribution reflected the composition of the House of Commons.

Membership of the UK delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is as follows:

Full Member Party European political
Robert Walter MP (Leader) Con EDG
Lord Anderson Lab SOC
Brian Binley MP Con EDG
Christopher Chope MP Con EDG
James Clappison MP Con EDG
Jim Dobbin MP Lab SOC
Earl of Dundee Con EDG
Baroness Eccles Con EDG
Sir Roger Gale MP Con EDG
Mike Hancock MP Ind ALDE
Jim Hood MP Lab SOC
Sir Alan Meale MP Lab SOC
Baroness Nicholson Lib ALDE
Sandra Osborne MP Lab SOC
Lord Prescott Lab SOC
Jim Sheridan MP Lab SOC
Lord Tomlinson Lab SOC
Dame Angela Watkinson Con EDG
Alternate members Party European political
Joe Benton MP Lab SOC
Baroness Buscombe Con EDG
Michael Connarty MP Lab SOC
David Crausby MP Lab SOC
David T C Davies MP Con EDG
Geraint Davies MP Lab SOC
Jeffrey Donaldson MP DUP EDG
Baroness Eaton Con EDG
Jonathan Evans MP Con EDG
Paul Flynn MP Lab SOC
Cheryl Gillan MP Con EDG
Charles Kennedy MP Lib ALDE
Edward Leigh MP Con EDG
Ian Liddell-Grainger MP Con EDG
Robert Neill MP Con EDG
Linda Riordan MP Lab SOC
Virendra Sharma MP Lab SOC
Baroness Wilcox Con EDG
European Political Grouping:
EDG - the Federated Group of Christian Democrats and European Democrats;
SOC - the Socialist Group;
ALDE - the EEP/CD Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.


Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe