Strategy for the House of Commons Service 2019-25

The House Service strategy informs everything that we do as an organisation. It explains why we are here, what we are seeking to achieve, how we work together and the culture we want to create. It guides our business planning process and sets the direction for all of our operational activity.

Our Mission

The core purpose of the House Service is to support a thriving parliamentary democracy.

We have four strategic goals:

  • Facilitating effective scrutiny and debate
  • Inspiring and involving the public
  • Securing Parliament’s future
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive working environment

Our Vision

Everyone Has A Voice.

The future direction for our organisation, where all colleagues are heard and respected.

Our vision also reminds us that the House of Commons is the democratically elected chamber of the UK Parliament, where MPs speak and act on behalf of their constituents.

Our Values

Inclusive, Courageous, Trusted, Collaborative.

These four values guide our behaviour, decisions and actions, and describe the culture we want to build.

They also help us to achieve our strategic goals by providing a framework for excellent performance.