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Strategy for the House of Commons Service 2016-21

In April 2016, the House of Commons Commission endorsed an updated strategy for the House of Commons Service

The House of Commons is committed to supporting a thriving parliamentary democracy through:

Our objectives:

  • Facilitating effective scrutiny and debate
    We will work as a team to support the business of the House 
  • Involving and inspiring the public
    We will open up the House to the public and show how it is essential to democracy
  • Securing Parliament's future
    We will steer the House through the challenges it faces, and prepare for the future

To achieve:

  • Satisfaction of our internal and external customers
  • Reputation of the House of Commons
  • Sustainability and the value for money of our services
  • Impact of MPs' work on Government and wider public debate

Through our values:

  • Maximising the potential of digital
  • Fostering our skilled, united and diverse workforce
  • Putting the customer at the centre
  • Working impartially, inclusively and in partnership
  • Spending money wisely