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Supplementary Estimates 2019-20

The Government published its revised spending plans for 2019-20 on 12 February 2020, in the Supplementary Estimates 2019-20. 
Following the December 2019 General Election, the necessary committees were not in place to enable topics for Estimates day debates to be chosen.  Accordingly, no debates were held on this occasion.  The next Estimates day debates, relating to 2020-21 Main Estimates, are expected to be held in July 2020. 

The House considered the Estimates motions, and passed revised spending limits into law through the Supply and Appropriation (Anticipations and adjustments) Act 2020. 

Summary of plans

This briefing paper, prepared jointly by the House of Commons Library and the House of Commons Scrutiny Unit, gives more detail of the Government's revised spending plans, including details for each department. 

Scrutiny Unit data visualisations 

The House of Commons Scrutiny Unit has produced data visualisations of the 2019-20 revisions to the spending plans contained in the Supplementary Estimates for each major Government department.  The visualisations show spending trends, changes to budgets since earlier in the year, and how spending plans break down within the totals.  

The visualisations can be viewed here.

Government Departments' Estimates memoranda 

Government departments are required to produce an Estimates memorandum for the relevant select committee to explain what is proposed in their Main Estimate and how proposals compare to past spending plans. Select Committees publish these memoranda on their webpages- for ease of reference links are given below. 

Major Departments

  • Exiting the European Union: Not yet published

  • Housing, Communities and Local Government: Memo and Tables (1) and (2)

Smaller Departments

  • Ofwat

  • Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman: Not yet published

  • Royal Mail Pensions: Not yet published

  • Statistics Board: Not yet published

  • Teachers' Pensions: Not yet published

Correspondence on 2019-20 Supplementary Estimates


Formal documentation

The formal documents which set out these spending plans- the 2019-20 Supplementary Estimates themselves- are here.

The original Spending Review 2015 document on which these spending plans were based is here.