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Useful links and resources

Daily business

An overview of the day’s business is provided by the daily order paper. This sets out:

  • All items of business
  • An outline of future business (which is subject to change)
  • Votes & Proceedings (including votes taken, business debates, and committee reports and evidence)
  • Future oral questions, and the call lists 
Parliament Live

Discover video and audio footage of all UK Parliament events taking place in public.


This includes debates and chamber proceedings from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and all committees. This is available live and on-demand, with an archive which goes back to 4 December 2007.


The official report of all Parliamentary debates.


Find Members, their contributions, debates, petitions and divisions from published Hansard reports dating back over 200 years. Daily debates from Hansard are published on this website the next working day.


House of Lords

The House of Lords is the second chamber of Parliament, playing a crucial role in examining bills, questioning government activity and investigating public policy.


Find details of all committees.


Media officers for select committees are listed under each committee, with the House of Commons Media Relations Team responsible for all legislative and general committees.

Erskine May

Often referred to as ‘the Bible of parliamentary procedure’.


It is the most authoritative and influential work on parliamentary procedure and constitutional conventions affecting Parliament. Rather than a set of rules, Erskine May is a description of how procedure in the House of Commons and House of Lords has evolved and the conventions that apply.

Guide to procedure

This user-friendly guide provides practical guidance on how business and procedure in the House of Commons.


Find details of all legislation going through Parliament, including Public, Hybrid and Private Bills. The archive contains bills back to the 2004-05 session.

Statutory Instrument tracker

Statutory Instruments (SIs) are the most common form of secondary legislation.


The tracker enables you to find details of every SI under consideration, to view its progress through both Houses, and links to any relevant documentation and explanatory notes.

House of Commons Library

An impartial research and information service for MPs and their staff, with a wealth of background and briefing papers available to the public.