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UK Parliament hosts the Organization for the Security and Co-operation in Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly annual session in Birmingham in July

The world’s largest regional security organisation will be holding its annual session in Birmingham in July – the first time in almost two decades that the UK Parliament has hosted the event.

The five-day meeting, at the International Convention Centre, will take place from 2-6 July, providing an opportunity for around 700 members of the assembly and their guests to discuss the critical security issues facing Europe. It will be the first in person session of the annual assembly since 2019.

By hosting the event, the UK Parliament shows its support for the work of the Organization for Security and Co-operation’s Parliament Assembly (OSCE PA) in debating and discussing security and co-operation and in setting the agenda for future OSCE PA meetings. The UK last hosted the annual session in 2004 in Edinburgh.

The Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said: “The UK Parliament is honoured to be hosting the annual session of the OSCE’s Parliamentary Assembly. We value our partnerships with other parliamentarians and we want to create a welcoming forum for important discussions to take place. Through dialogue and co-operation we will make Europe and our world safer and we will strengthen all our democracies.

The Lord Speaker, Lord McFall of Alcluith: “Now more than ever, Parliamentary colleagues must work together in partnership to tackle the numerous national and global security issues that affect us all. I’m pleased that the UK Parliament is hosting this important meeting for the first time in two decades and I look forward to welcoming colleagues to Birmingham this year.

John Whittingdale MP, who leads the 13-strong cross-party UK delegation of MPs and peers, commented: “In the 30th year since the creation of the OSCE PA, we remember its founding principles: the renunciation of the use of force, respect for sovereign and territorial integrity and protection of human rights and freedoms. Those principles seem especially important today as the OSCE continues to work to create a safe and secure environment for all.

The OSCE PA brings together 323 delegates from 56 parliaments, plus a guest of honour from the Holy See. Established by the 1990 Paris Summit with the aim of advancing the aim of comprehensive security, this will be the OSCE PA’s 29th annual session.