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School events, tea parties, and Build Your Own Big Ben competition kicks start UK Parliament Week

8 December 2022

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

People from across the country are expected to get involved in the work of Parliament and to hear about issues in their local community as part of UK Parliament Week.

Almost 10,000 events across all 650 constituencies will be taking place between 14 to 20 November.

UK Parliament Week, which seeks to inform and educate people about the work of Parliament, is this year taking place just days after Big Ben began to bong following several years of restoration work.

Young people will be encouraged to Build Your Own Big Ben out of materials which reflect their local area to celebrate the iconic structure.

Shortbread towers, seaside rock, and cream horns fashioned into clock towers are expected to make an appearance.

Elsewhere, local groups will be hosting “Tea With My Community” events and inviting people to share their views with others and Parliamentarians.

Last year, more than a million people attended similar UK Parliament Week events where people could find out what Parliament does, how people can make change through Parliament, and more about the history of the building.

Events in Parliament include Inspire Her from the organisation Elect Her. Women will be coming to Westminster to meet with female MPs for a speed networking event to demystify Parliament.

Thousands of schools and colleges will also be playing host to events to reflect the thoughts and concerns of young people.

Chorley, the Speaker of the House of Commons’ seat, has planned the greatest number of events.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said: "As Speaker I am passionate about explaining Parliament's work, its history, and its future.

"Supporting a thriving Parliamentary democracy is extremely important to me, and the best way to support it, is to get involved.

"UK Parliament Week is an opportunity for you to make a difference on an issue that matters to you.

"How about coming to an event in your local constituency, or writing to your MP, or maybe starting a Petition on our website.

"Whatever you choose, Parliament wants to hear from you!"

The Lord Speaker, Lord McFall of Alcluith, said: “UK Parliament Week is an excellent opportunity to see the Lords in action.

“Write to a peer on an issue you’re passionate about, check out online what the members of the House will be discussing this week, go to an event explaining how we work in your local area.

“Our communities – and at their heart, young people – inspire and drive the work of the House of Lords. So, get involved and have your say. I – and my fellow peers – want to hear what you think.”

Naomi Jurczak, Head of Education and Engagement at UK Parliament, said: “UK Parliament Week is a great opportunity for citizens of all ages to get informed about how they can engage with UK Parliament to make a difference.

“Every year it’s fantastic to see so many people actively take part in UK Parliament Week.”