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Updated rules of behaviour and courtesies guide available

18 December 2018

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

An updated version of the ‘Rules of behaviour and courtesies in the House of Commons' leaflet and the accompanying guide have been issued by the Speaker and the Deputy Speakers.

The new leaflet includes updated advice on speaking in debates, Question Time, and conventions and courtesies in the Chamber.

Guidance on rules of behaviour and courtesies in the House has been issued by successive Speakers since at least 2001, with a view toward helping MPs, and especially new MPs, operate effectively and with confidence in the Chamber.

The guidance brings together longstanding rules and conventions, and is updated from time to time to reflect changes in House of Commons procedure and evolving practice. A more complete set of rules and conventions can be found in Erskine May and the House of Commons Standing Orders.

Copies have been posted out to all Members including a message from Mr Speaker, which reads:

“This document should serve as a gentle reminder to longer-serving colleagues, or as a useful guide for others who have recently started the journey on their parliamentary career.”

The Guidance