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Parliament launches 'Parliament Explained' Podcast

21 March 2017

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

Parliament has launched a brand new podcast, 'Parliament Explained', presented by writer and comedian Meera Syal, and featuring Members and staff from both Houses.

In the weekly series, presenter Meera Syal guides listeners through the inner workings of the UK Parliament – what Parliament is, how Parliament scrutinises the work of the Government, and how you can get involved.

During this politically impartial series, Meera is joined by staff from the House of Lords and the House of Commons, including Regional Outreach Officers, Clerks, Committee Specialists and Doorkeepers, who talk about their roles and areas of expertise.

Meera Syal said: “I was delighted to present this new podcast, and hope that it will not only help people learn more about how Parliament works, but encourage them to get involved with an institution that has such an impact on our daily lives.”

Special guests

Guests also include:

Parliament Explained series

The series is formed of six episodes, which will be released every Monday from 20 March 2017.

  • Episode 1 – Parliament or Government?
    Discover the difference between Parliament and the Government, how the Government is formed, and the roles of the Shadow Cabinet, backbenchers, crossbenchers and the Whips.
  • Episode 2 – What happens in Parliament?
  • Episode 3 – Scrutiny: Questions and Debates
  • Episode 4 – Scrutiny: Select Committees
  • Episode 5 – Making and Changing Laws
  • Episode 6 – Get Involved

Subscribe to the podcasts

You can subscribe to the Parliament Explained podcast series on SoundCloud and iTunes.