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Unique view of Big Ben dial with no clock hands

11 April 2018

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

Keen observers may notice Big Ben's hands are missing as essential conservation works continue to Parliament's iconic clock tower.

The South dial of the Elizabeth Tower has been temporarily uncovered in order to carry out some lighting trials, offering a unique view of the dial with no hands in place.

Once the lighting trials are complete, the dial will be recovered.

The Elizabeth Tower's East dial (facing the London Eye) is also currently uncovered as Parliament aims to have at least one working clock face visible throughout the conservation works.

The clock dials are currently undergoing works which include repairing the glass and metalwork, removing the hands and replacing them with temporary hands while the originals undergo conservation.

These essential conservation works are taking place to ensure the UK's most famous clock continues to function well into the future.

Image: ©UK Parliament/Mark Duffy

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