Decisions 11 December 2006

Monday 11 December 2006 at 5pm in Speaker's House


The Speaker, in the Chair
Sir Stuart Bell
Nick Harvey
Leader of the House
Mr David Maclean
Mrs Theresa May

1. Progress Report from Tebbit Review

The Commission took note of Sir Kevin's progress report and invited him to come back with some emerging themes at the meeting on 12 March 2007.

2. Three Year Financial Plan and Draft 2007/08 Estimate

The Commission agreed baselines for 2007-08 to 2009-10 planned on the basis of running at 2006-07 Estimate levels. They did not agree at this stage to the inclusion in the third year of the planning period of increased spending on connecting with the public. The Commission agreed an Administration resource Estimate of £227.8 million for 2007-08.

3. Parliamentary Estate Strategy

The Commission took note of the estate strategy and requested an updated version for consideration in late 2007.

4. Environmental Record

The Commission agreed to discuss this issue again at its next meeting.


5. Media Advice: Renewal of Adviser's Contract

The Commission agreed to renew Mike Granatt's contract for one year from Easter 2007.

6. Next Meeting

Monday 29 January 2007.

7. Any Other Business

Members Estimate Committee business was also taken.