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Decisions 9 December 2002

Monday 9 December 2002 at 5pm in Speaker's House


The Speaker, in the Chair
Mr Stuart Bell
Mr Robin Cook
Sir Patrick Cormack
Mr Eric Forth
Mr Archy Kirkwood

1.  Catering Committee Report Refreshment Facilities in the House of Commons: further consideration

The Director of Catering Services was present.

The Commission considered the Committee's recommendations and:

  • referred the Report to the Finance and Services Committee to take into account in its consideration of the three-year financial plans;
  • noted that assessments of the effect of changes in sitting patterns on the use of catering facilities would need to be made.

2.  Estimate for 2003-04

The Director of Finance and Administration was present.

The Commission

  • approved the Estimate of £130.3 million as recommended by the Finance and Services Committee, subject to an adjustment for inflation;
  • agreed that the Reserve should be set at £5.0 million, and that there should be provision for 2003-04 pay awards.

3.  Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life: Regulating Standards of Conduct in the House of Commons

The Commission discussed the report and those recommendations directed to the Commission.  Commissioners agreed to invite to the next meeting Sir George Young, Chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee, and Sir Philip Mawer, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, and then to consider the Commission's formal response to the report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

4.  Appointment of Chief Executive

The Commission appointed Roger Sands, the Clerk of the House designate, as Chief Executive of the House Service from 1 January 2003 upon the retirement of Sir William McKay KCB.