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Bulletin 25 November 2013

House of Commons Commission bulletin, 25 November 2013

Members' Insurance: The Members Estimate Committee agreed to extend the coverage of the employer/public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance available Members; in particular in relation to claims concerning protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 and the use of social media. The Committee also agreed to take responsibility for the employer/public liability insurance policy (currently managed by IPSA) and to undertake further work on how to support Members affected by fixated individuals. (Contact: Andrew Walker –5460)

Employment Contracts: The Commission considered information presented by the Finance and Services Committee and agreed that the House should move towards a position in which all House staff working variable hours on a regular basis should have a guaranteed minimum hours contract, subject to negotiation with the Trade Union Side on the detailed arrangements.  (Contact: Andrew Walker – 5460)

Induction of new Members: The Commission and the Members Estimate Committee jointly agreed their response to the Administration Committee's report, First weeks at Westminster: induction arrangements for new MPs in 2015.  The Report covers provision of accommodation and IT equipment, information and advice to new Members, and on-going training and professional development.  The Administration Committee is expected to publish the response during December alongside a response from IPSA.  (Contact: John Benger – 3622)

London Living Wage: The Commission noted that the House had applied for accreditation as a London Living Wage employer. The House's approach goes beyond the accreditation requirements: all current House staff are paid at least the London Living Wage; all agency staff supplied to the House are paid at least the LLW; contractors with dedicated staff who are based on the estate are paying those staff at least the LLW, with a small number of exceptions which are being addressed; and good progress is being made towards ensuring that other contractors that provide services to the House are, in relation to our contracts, paying their UK staff at least the LLW (or the Living Wage if based outside London). (Contact: Myfanwy Barrett – 0833)

Observations on matters in the bulletin or other aspects of the House's administration should be sent to for the attention of the Commission.

Commission membership: Mr Speaker (Chair), Sir Paul Beresford, Frank Doran, Angela Eagle, Andrew Lansley (Leader of the House) and John Thurso.