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Bulletin 21 October 2013

House of Commons Commission bulletin, 21 October 2013

The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament: In March the Commission agreed in principle that it was willing to take on responsibility for resourcing the ISC.  It has now agreed the basis on which the transfer would take place.  Subject to the agreement of the Lords House Committee, the ISC secretariat will be transferred from the Cabinet Office to form an office within the House of Commons Service.  It will be funded, by a separate line in the Administration Estimate with a proportion of the costs recharged to the House of Lords; the Clerk of the ISC will be appointed an Additional Accounting Officer responsible for this expenditure.  The Government will continue to provide secure accommodation and bear the costs of physical and IT security measures.  (Contact: Philippa Helme – 3286)

Audit Committee Reports:  The Administration Estimate Audit Committee and Members Estimate Audit Committee are sub-committees of the House of Commons Commission and the Members Estimate Committee respectively.  They were established to advise the Commission/MEC and the Accounting Officer on matters relating to audit of the two Estimates.  The Committee's annual reports were presented by their incoming chair Dame Janet Gaymer.  The reports have already been published as appendices to the Commission Annual Report and the Members Estimate Annual Accounts. (Contact: Ben Williams – 3759)

Respect Policy: The Commission agreed to formally request that the Committee on Standards considers how a system might operate in which, if resolution is not possible by other means, and if the complaint is sufficiently grave, allegations of harassment or bullying of House staff are referred to the Commissioner for Standards for investigation and the Committee for adjudication. (Contact: John Benger – 3622)

Induction of new Members: Sir Alan Haselhurst and Karen Bradley presented the Administration Committee's report, First weeks at Westminster: induction arrangements for new MPs in 2015. The Commission/MEC will consider a formal response at its meeting on 25 November. (Contact: Helen Wood– 3270)

Observations on matters in the bulletin or other aspects of the House's administration should be sent to for the attention of the Commission.

Commission membership: Mr Speaker (Chair), Sir Paul Beresford, Frank Doran, Angela Eagle, Andrew Lansley (Leader of the House) and John Thurso.