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House of Commons Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The House of Commons Diversity and Inclusion Awards have been developed to recognise individuals and teams for their contribution to promoting, delivering and embedding the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and wider inclusion-related work, which aims to create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment for all on the parliamentary estate.


The annual awards are a way of highlighting people who are making a difference to diversity and inclusion in Parliament, and a chance to recognise what they have achieved.

The award categories:

  • Embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): this award recognises an individual's or team's effort to embed EDI into mainstream work; through their approach and undertaking of all tasks, be it day-to-day tasks or larger projects.
  • Ensuring Access and Inclusion: this award is for a team or individual who have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring EDI principles are core to their area of work and this is reflected in positive outcomes.
  • Catalyst for Change: an award for a person or a team doing things differently by incorporating EDI values into the way they work resulting in a positive shift in organisational culture
  • Inspiring Role Model: this award is for a person who has taken the opportunity to engage with staff, speaking openly about their personal experiences in a visible forum that encourages and champions diversity and inclusion in a way that new and existing staff can relate to
  • Libby Hammond award for Every Day Inclusion: This award is for a person who makes others feel valued at work and encourages them to succeed on their own terms thereby creating an inclusive and supportive environment.

2017 Diversity and Inclusion Awards winners

The Diversity and Inclusion Awards have been developed to recognise individuals and teams for their contribution to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The fifth Parliamentary Diversity and Inclusion Awards took place on Wednesday 28th June. This year the awards were hosted by the BFI Southbank in their largest cinema auditorium and attended by over 300 colleagues and external guests. The event celebrated the achievements of the 99 nominated colleagues and teams from across the parliamentary estate. Thank you to each of you who took the time to recognise your colleagues by making a nomination. Award recipients were honoured at a ceremony, with awards presented by Mr Speaker and the Lord Speaker. Runners-up and winners were announced in five categories:

Embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Runner-up: Ralph

Ralph's role is to ensure he is engaging with all audiences that enter Parliament. He has devised and re-drafted the Parliament family tour tailored for children, and has made a huge impact with countless reviews on trip advisor, and as a result his tours are always nearly sold out; Ralph has taken his own idea of an LGBT tour of Parliament from conception through to reality. He has confidently expressed the value and inclusivity benefits of it to key stakeholders gathering support from a huge range of business areas including MP's and Lords.


Winner: Nicole

Nicole has brought her enthusiasm, diplomacy and organisational skills to bear in managing and promoting ParliREACH's reverse mentoring scheme.  As a result she has embedded reverse mentoring into Parliaments culture.

Nicole clearly puts a lot of thought into the mentor/mentee pairings, and she has taken the time look at the training and support provided for both mentor and mentee which has resulted in improved support for all participants. The scheme has delivered tangible outcomes in terms of changing behaviour in different parts of the House Service, senior managers have reconsidered policies and decisions based on input from their reverse mentor with positive outcomes for diversity and inclusion.

Catalyst for Change

Runner- up: Beryl

Beryl has lead on a very important work stream, the second series of #yourstoryourhistory films which looks at how legislation has affected the lives of the LGBTQI community.  This work is vital in helping shape public opinion about UK Parliament being inclusive of everyone, open and relevant. On top of this, Beryl is creating a press launch in partnership with the media team and the 1967 anniversary team to showcase the work the House is doing to reach out to communities that are disengaged, such as woman and the BAME community who feature within the new series of #yourstoryourhistory


Winner: Veronica and Carlos

Carlos and Veronica have worked closely with D&I teams in Parliament to include standard Diversity & Inclusion questions into the procurement process, ensuring that our suppliers adhere to the values of Parliament of being inclusive. This can only improve our reputation and raise the profile in the field of D&I externally.  

Most Improved in Access and Inclusion

Runner-up: Lauren

Lauren approached senior managers and asked to work on a project to share her family recipes, she worked enthusiastically to devise a Jamaican menu which has proved extremely popular and has inspired the catering team to introduce more theme days and use the chefs that are from those countries to produce menu's and cook the food which also promotes our D&I ethos. Lauren's willingness to suggest new ideas has opened the door for others in the team to do the same, meaning that everyone (including the customers) are benefitting from the increased levels of creativity and collaboration within the kitchen.  


Winner: Neil

This year Neil has put a huge amount of effort into increasing the diversity of applications to the Door Keeper role within the House of Lords. Neil identified barriers to applications particularly from Black and Ethnic Minority communities and worked hard to remove them.

Inspiring Role Model

Runner-up: Fay

Fay has brought a vast amount of energy and direction to improving Parliamentary Security Directorate D&I activity this year alongside working corporately across the organisation as Co-Chair of Parliagender.  She has been a fantastic role model inspiring others across the wider team and across the organisation.

Winner: Ugbana

Ugbana has been the Chair of ParliREACH for the last two years and has made a difference to both the way the committee works and to the profile of ParliREACH. His leadership has bought about greater structure and clarity about ParliREACH's aims which has helped the committee to perform more effectively. For example being more aware of and involved in House-Wide initiatives which has helped to raise the profile of ParliREACH whilst allowing it to constructively challenge where necessary.


Libby Hammond Award for Everyday Inclusion

Runner-up: Seonaid

Seonaid fosters an inclusive atmosphere in the office, which makes people feel comfortable and able to contribute more widely.  Seonaid will approach colleagues after a meeting or a workshop and tell them that their contributions were important. An example of this would be when she approached a new starter after a strategy workshop and made her feel valued as part of the department by her comments and support.


Winner: Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie has also fostered an inclusive daily environment by encouraging colleagues to pursue projects beyond their daily responsibilities. As a result, members of her team have been able to lead and deliver projects in outreach, public engagement, the universities programs, and in the Clerk's office, all without compromising their current work.


Honourable Mentions: Tori, Kate and Chloe, and Michelle

This year we had an incredible number of nominations in the Inspiring Role Models category. There were so many strong nominations that the judges struggled to choose only a runner up and a winner. The judges were particularly heartened this year to see so many wonderful nominations for senior female leaders.

Special Recognition Award

The judges conferred a ‘Special Recognition' award to someone who was noted for having made a number of contributions to different areas of Parliament, including being Head of the Diversity and Inclusion team, Anne has helped the House achieve silver status in the disability standard; 28th place in the Stonewall Index; accreditations with Action on Hearing Loss and the National Autistic Society. She had also founded and supported our five Workplace Equality Networks and embedded equality analysis process into all projects, processes and policy changes.

Winner: Anne  

Hear from our Winners and Runners-up

I am incredibly proud to have won this award but it is the result of a team effort; of the Doorkeepers and the whole of Black Rod's Department for embracing diversity and inclusion and the House of Lords HR staff who were instrumental in advising on and enabling the initiatives.  There is still a long way to go.  I believe that the culture needed to create a diverse and inclusive workforce is here in Parliament but we now need to translate that culture into a workforce that is truly representative of our society.” Neil, Winner of Most Improved in Access and Inclusion

“I was so pleased to receive this award especially as the Parliamentary Security Department is so new and we are already being recognised for our efforts to introduce good practice.” Fay, Runner-up of Inspiring Role Model

“There is not enough words to show my gratitude not only to my executive chef and our head of department for nominating me but also for believing in me to take on such tasks which has then allowed me to express any ideas I have. The awards was absolutely fantastic I genuinely thought I was at the Oscars. Sound, lighting, music and all the works made it that much more special. I also had my parents there for more support which was fab! Coming runners up in the category of improvement in the area of access and improvement has definitely motivated me to continue pushing forward. To know that the food I'm producing brings together people of such diverse cultures warms my heart and widens my smile. In Jamaica we have a saying Out of many one people, I want to use that in terms of the houses of parliament. We have different departments, age groups, cultural backgrounds, genders and when we all come together it makes parliament that much better.” Lauren, Runner-up in Most Improved in Access and Inclusion.


The Diversity & Inclusion Awards nominations are open to parliamentary pass-holders only.

Further information

Diversity and inclusion in Parliament

ParliABLE: in support of disabled people in Parliament. It is open to both those who consider themselves to have a disability and those who have an interest in supporting disabled people.

ParliGENDER: in support of gender equality. Our aim is to achieve gender equality across Parliament.

ParliREACH: in support of increasing awareness and appreciation of race, ethnicity and cultural heritage issues in Parliament.

ParliOUT: in support of LGBT+ people across Parliament.

ParliON: in support of increasing awareness of issues around socio-economic inclusion.