Statistics and data on UK parliamentary constituencies

This page includes a range of tools which allow you to look at social and economic statistics on UK parliamentary constituencies.

These services have been produced by the Commons Library and enable you to compare constituencies and examine how they have changed over time.

Constituency Boundaries is a mapping tool that allows you to explore the impact of changes to Parliamentary constituency boundaries that are being proposed as part of the 2018 Boundary Review. Maps are available for each nation and region of the UK showing the current and proposed new boundaries, along with the wards that make them up. Hover your mouse over the map, or press and hold on an area on a touchscreen device, to see information about the electorates in each area. A complete guide to the tool can be found on the homepage.

For each of the subject areas below, the House of Commons Library has presented data in a way which makes it easy to compare the constituency you are interested in with other constituencies, and with your region or the UK as a whole.

You can download the data as an excel spreadsheet or use the tool to visualise the data in chart or graph format.

This data visualisation tool allows quick and easy analysis of over 150 constituency characteristics and enables you make comparisons between constituencies and regions.

The Constituency Explorer service is a joint House of Commons Library and Durham University project which has been part funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

The Commons Library has produced a prototype interactive website which enables you to view 2017, 2015 and 2010 UK General Election results at country, region and constituency level.
It also includes information on the results of each party that won a seat at the last general election can be reviewed to see seats won, gains, vote share and majority alongside each parties safest seats.

This briefing compiles 2011 Census data for UK constituencies - including age, country of birth, ethnicity, car ownership and housing tenure. Highest and lowest constituencies, maps and access to demographic profiles of all parliamentary constituencies.

The briefing’s landing page includes an interactive Excel file that allows users to display data for a constituency of their choice.

This series of introductory guides brings together sources of statistics on a wide range of topics, including, education, elections, energy,  the economy, poverty, health, housing, , labour market, population, immigration, social security benefits and transport.


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