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The House of Commons Library publishes a range of research material. All research is produced by impartial subject specialists, providing expert analysis on a range of topics.

Commons Library Podcast

This podcast series offers an impartial take on issues in Westminster and where you live. Each week we'll tackle a new topic in 20 minutes, helping you stay up to date.

Parliamentary information

Find facts and figures on a variety of topics relating to Parliament and Government. Subjects include legislation, MPs, select committees, debates, divisions and Parliamentary procedure.


Watch our impartial researchers provide a brief overview on various issues concerning the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Parliamentary procedure and practice

Detailed background papers on aspects of Parliamentary procedure and practice. These are produced by the Parliament and Constitution Centre, which is part of the Commons Library.

Image: UK Parliament


Read research and analysis from Parliament's libraries and committees on how leaving the EU will affect different policy areas in the UK

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Browse all our impartial research briefings, Insights, interactive local data dashboards and podcast episodes on the Commons Library website.


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