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UK Parliament social media community guidelines

UK Parliament social media channels share news, photos, and resources about what’s happening at the heart of UK democracy and how you can get involved. 

You can follow UK Parliament on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Flickr.

To make sure our social media community is a safe and enjoyable environment for people to comment, question and engage in debate, we ask everyone to follow these community guidelines:

  1. We encourage respectful discussion between people. You don’t have to agree with what other people say or share, but please treat everybody with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  2. Comments expressing any of the following will be removed and reported by our moderators:                                                                                                     
    a. Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexuality, sex, gender, age or disability
    b. Advertising or promotion of any services or pages
    c. Unintelligible spam or comments that are not relevant to the topics raised on the page
    d. Violence or harm towards MPs, Lords, UK Parliament staff, our moderators, or anyone else on our page
    e. Misinformation and conspiracy theories
    f. Comments from fake accounts or bots that seek to hijack the comments
  3. Our moderators will decide which comments break these guidelines, and will hide and delete any comments that do, as well as block any users who do not follow the guidelines.
  4. To keep comment moderation manageable for our moderators, we will limit the public reply and comment functions on some posts.
  5. Unfortunately, we are unable to monitor our Instagram direct message inbox. However, we do monitor all our public comments on the UK Parliament channels, so you can ask us any questions there. Our moderators are here from 10am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.