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Dissolution of Parliament

The dissolution of Parliament took place on Thursday 30 May 2024. All business in the House of Commons and House of Lords has come to an end. There are currently no MPs and every seat in the Commons is vacant until after the general election on 4 July 2024.

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Using purchase orders

Information for suppliers regarding the use of purchase orders (POs) in the House of Commons is provided below.

Terms and Conditions

Standard terms and conditions are used with POs when no other formal terms are referenced.

Overview for suppliers - general requirements

Before supplying goods or services to the House of Commons, you must receive a valid purchase order

You should use the information supplied on the purchase order for different matters, e.g.:

  • Query descriptions of any goods and services with the key contact if not clear
  • Only use the invoicing address shown on the purchase order
  • When invoicing, always quote the purchase order number
  • Where possible supply a delivery note or timesheet as applicable to your service

For payment queries contact:

FP7: 020 7219 0707

FP4: 020 7219 4913

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you want to see answered send it by e-mail to:

A. Providing goods and services

A1 Q Which Departments are affected by this change?

A Every Department in the House of Commons.

A2 Q I have supplied the House of Commons for many years without a purchase order - why is it different now?

A You will be paid promptly and reliably when you supply goods or services to the House of Commons as the purchase order will be a formal confirmation of the House's requirement and will show the correct address for invoicing.

A3 Q Will I only receive purchase orders through the post?

A No, if required the purchase order can be emailed, faxed or mailed as convenient. Purchase order numbers can also be confirmed by phone, but for your own records you should ask for a copy of the order.

A4 Q What happens if I receive a purchase order and it does not seem to be correct?

A Contact the person who placed the purchase order initially (details will be quoted on the order) and ask for clarification. If necessary the original purchase order can be cancelled and a replacement issued.

A5 Q What does a purchase order look like?

A Go to the end of this document.

A6 Q What should I do if I don't receive a purchase order ?

A Contact the person who placed the verbal purchase order and ask for a written purchase order or as a minimum, a purchase order number.

A7 Q How do I know that the purchase order has been approved by the correct level of authority?

A Purchase orders will only be produced by our system once authorised by the appropriate person.

A8 Q Will it make any difference if I don't supply a goods or services receipt note?

A You will still be paid, but it could take a bit longer as the system will not have been notified of the receipt, so the invoice will be sent out for authorisation.

B. Payment

B1 Q What should I do if I have sent an invoice and my payment appears to be delayed?

A Contact the address given on the purchase order for payments. Or contact the person who placed the purchase order if you know there is an issue about the goods or services supplied.

B2 Q What invoice address should I use?

A The address will be clearly stated on the purchase order. If in doubt use:

Department FP7

House of Commons

London SW1A OAA

B3 Q Will I be able to submit a proforma invoice for advance payment?

A The House's policy does not allow advance payments. If this is an issue for you, you should take it up with the requester.

B4 Q Will I still get paid if I forget to include the purchase order number on my invoice?

A You will still get paid, but a delay could occur and we may need to return an invoice to you to be reissued before we pay it. Call 020 7219 0707 and let financial processing know the order number or you can email:

C. Purchase Orders

C1 Q Who will send me the purchase order

A The requester (who may have discussed the order with you in advance) will issue the purchase order to you.

The purchase order can be sent to you by post, e-mail or fax.

C2 Q Will additional information be attached to an purchase order ?

A The requester will view the purchase order before it is issued so can attach anything necessary to it so that it reaches you complete.

C3 Q What if I don't understand the details on the purchase order?

A You need to query it with the person named on the purchase order as requesting the goods or services.

C4 Q If I receive purchase orders by phone can this still continue?

A Yes! But you need to ensure that a purchase order number is quoted and you have to quote the purchase order number on your invoice.

C5 Q Does that also apply to internet purchase orders?

A Yes! The purchase order should still quote a purchase order number.

C6 Q What happens if I am asked to provide goods or services in an emergency?

A There will be instances when an urgent order is needed and a purchase order number required. In this case a requisition number will be quoted to you so that you may process the order. This method is only for emergencies and a valid purchase order number will follow.

Supplier FAQs v1.0

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Contact Us

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