This section lists work on current POSTnotes, on-going project such as horizon scanning or evaluating the use of evidence in Parliament, international work and future projects approved by the POST Board.

In researching its briefings, POST consults widely inside and outside of Parliament, speaking to stakeholders from government departments, academia, industry, learned societies, think tanks and NGOs. If you wish to contribute, contacts are listed on the relevant project page. 

Current work

photo of person writing in notebook

Details of the POSTnotes currently being worked on and contact details for the POST staff or fellow working on the POSTnote.

Planned work

These POSTnote topics have been approved by the Board but work on them has not yet begun.

Related information

POST's work programme is determined by a parliamentary Board, which meets quarterly.

If you would like to contribute or have any ideas for topics POST should cover in the future, please contact POST.