POST Board

The POST Board oversees POST's objectives, outputs and future work programme. It meets quarterly.

The POST Board comprises:

  • 14 parliamentarians drawn from the House of Commons (10) and the House of Lords (4), roughly reflecting the balance of parties in Parliament
  • Leading non-parliamentarians from the science and technology community
  • Representatives of the House of Lords and the Department of Information Services of the House of Commons


House of Lords

House of Commons



  • Dr Chandrika Nath, Acting Director, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
  • Penny Young, Librarian & Director General, Information Services, House of Commons
  • Crispin Poyser, Principal Clerk, Committee Office, House of Commons
  • Edward Potton, Head of Science and Environment Section, House of Commons Library
  • Nicolas Besly, Clerk of Committees, House of Lords

Meet the Chair

  • Adam Afriyie MP

    Adam Afriyie has been the MP for Windsor since 2005. He was Shadow Minister for Innovation and Science prior to the 2010 General Election, and has been Chair of POST's Board since 2010.

Meet the Vice-chair

  • Lord Winston

    Professor the Lord Winston

    Lord Winston has been a member of the House of Lords since 1995. He joined the POST Board in 1998 and has been Vice-chair since 2006.