Physical sciences and ICT

Digital preservation

An ever increasing proportion of the information we produce is created and stored in a digital form. However, preserving digital information so that it can be accessed in the future presents many challenges.

Open access to scientific information

This POSTnote will provide an overview of how modern digital technologies have altered the scientific research process, focusing on their impact on access to, and the dissemination of, scientific information.

Open public sector data

This POSTnote looks at the issues of giving easy access to public sector data along with how to maintain its quality and security.

Solar photovoltaics

This POSTnote discusses the prospects for solar electricity in the UK. It also examines debate over financial support policies introduced in 2010 to stimulate uptake.

Meet the advisers

  • Chandrika Nath

    Chandrika Nath

    Chandrika Nath worked at the British Antarctic Survey before joining POST, and has a PhD in high energy physics from Oxford University. She has a particular interest in international development and heads up POST's Africa programme.

  • Martin Griffiths

    Martin Griffiths

    Martin Griffiths has a PhD in experimental particle physics from the University of Liverpool. He has worked as a section editor at Physics World magazine and was seconded to the Royal Statistical Society for a year to co-ordinate science training for journalists.

    T: 020 7219 8380